Saturday, July 4, 2015

Taste of Siam.

Have you ever travel to Thailand
Thailand is our neighboring country which is very popular with their cuisine. Among all type of taste in this world, Thai's taste is the one that suits me well with their balance in their cooking. 
Their food usually spicy, sour,sweet.
To be honest, when my father brought me here, I jumped for joy. It only takes about one hour from my home in Perlis to reach Danok the place that serve the famous Pulut Ayam and Pulut Mangga. And still as always "Daging Bakar" or Grilled Beef win my heart and my money.. Hahaha.. 

This Grilled Beef is very tender, juicy and full of flavor.
Once you taste it, then you will never forget.

Hahaha.. Sorry.. Too eager to eat to have a nice photo.
We ordered Tom Yam Kung( Prawn Tom Yam) , Tum Pla Muk ( Kerabu Sotong) and Green Syrup.
Yeah I know, Green instead of regular Red syrup kinda rare isn't it?
And this is our quick selfie, 
from right
My Sister, my Mother, my Father, my Brother and Me!
This is sweet flavoured snack. 
With creamy filling.
I dont remember the exact name but it sound something like 'Kui Sabai'.

Just before we went home, I manage to snap this spectacular view 
Sunset of Siam.


Aisyhah Nyais said...

Omgg thailand is the best place ever...Heaven for food....just enjoy when you are here. haaaaks 😍😍

PeRdU cINta said...