Friday, September 18, 2015


All these time, we may think that we have friend that will stay with us no matter how the circumstance is.
However, I somehow realized that some of our 'friend' only shows up when they were in trouble. Im not exaggerating this because actually it happens a lot to me myself.
When they were sad, or need to borrow some money, they will knock on my door and start to be nice with me.
Unfortunately, this friendship go away when the troubles go away. Dont you think you have been taken for granted when you only exist in their circle when they were in needs? Well, I do feel so.
I am the kind of person who would do anything or everything for the person that I love, including my friends. But how much would they sacrifice for me?
I crave for a friendship that will never be broken and the bond soon will become family.
For the person, that always stay with me trough thick and thin, Thank you.
May God be with you.

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Aisyhah Nyais said...

ilove you whatever happen sayang, be tough. Always with you <3