Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hello, I am Megat.

Hello. My name is Fadhliana but usually I was called Megat or Ariana or Yana or Liana or Si Cantik (okay, this one is a lie..hahaha). 
 I have so many name because wherever I go I will got a new nickname.

I am almost 19 but doesn't look like one. I'm from Perlis but currently staying at Perak to pursue my study Diploma in English.
 I Looooove to eat. A lot! 
So basically, I am going to write about foodfood , food and anything that across my mind. Haha.
For me, if the food is full of flavor only then I will be pleased and happy. If the food doesn't satisfied my expectation ,then be prepare to hear my complaint about how hungry I am even though I just finish eating. 
Sometimes if I couldn't sleep at night, I will go to the kitchen (where miracles happen)  and cook. 

Actually, I have passion in writing since forever but my busy life (running family business since I was 9 somehow stopped me from bursting everything from my mind onto a piece of paper. Until one day, I was assigned to create a personal blog for my English Course and I am so eager to create up a blog with helps from my dear friend, Ecah. She is an excellent blogger so I've learnt from her on how to design my blog and make it a nice place to write.

So, let see whether I can rock this blog! (or not..hahahaha)


anggur hijau said...

Can I call u liana sis :P

Ariana Miester said...

hahaha.. sure.. liana sound so gentle.. hahaha.. *blushing*
btw thanks for dropping comment.. :)

Aisyhah Nyais said...